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Historica of Lovely Fate

Welcome to the Historica of Lovely Fate wiki!

This wiki contains comprehensive guides to Little Bitch Academia, Magical Camp, and Prisoners of the Elder One, designed to help stumbling beginners and experienced Magical Girls alike as they explore the worlds and transformations that these games provide. Whether you're struggling to take down a particular magico, searching for a particular bad end for poor Url, or trying to find the best use of your inventory of items, we are here to help!

WARNING: This wiki contains SPOILERS!

A man takes the wrong bus and gets enrolled in a magical academy... as a witch!
Bad Endings | Characters | Enemies | Locations

A hapless young man is teleported to a training camp for Magical Girls. Can he graduate without revealing his gender?
Characters | Enemies | Endings | Locations | Transformations

A brother and sister are kidnapped by a perverse and powerful being. Can they escape with their minds intact?
Characters | Endings | Items | Locations